4 May

SEMAR is a mystery, the secrets of the Creator. The secret will be hidden to people selfish, greedy, envious spiteful, proud and haughty, but open to those who are patient, sincere, noble and humble mind. And people in the Secret Lotus, or SEMAR, his life will succeed to the peak happiness and eternal glory nan.
Semar is a character’s name or a man’s clown foremost in puppetry. This figure is reported as a nanny and advisor of the knights in staging the stories of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Because an original character created by poets of Java, then of course we will not find the name of Semar in the original manuscripts of Ramayana or Mahabharata Sanskrit.

In the shadow puppet play’s clown character that actually there is another which is the “children” of Semar, the Gareng, Petruk and Bagong. According to the literature mentioned that one of the real Gareng, Petruk and Bagong not the biological son of Semar. Gareng is actually the son of a pastor who cursed and Semarlah who have succeeded in liberating the curse. Petruk was actually the son of a king Gandharwa nation. While the shadow of Semar Bagong created thanks to the magic word Rishi Manumanasa, ancestor of the Pandavas. However, only Semar are always present in every act whatsoever. Whether it’s in the Central Javanese wayang, puppet Sundanese or Javanese wayang Timuran. While another third punakawan not necessarily exist.

Semar means regarded as a central figure in every shadow puppet show because it is the messenger. Of course the style of message delivery style puppet Semar is not as serious as the others because basically Semar often talked jokingly. Well, this is where Semar pulling for me. Serious, but also relaxed. By way of “sergeant” is probably expected moral message via Semar, more easily accepted and digested by every connoisseur puppet show.

In the Mahabharata, Semar displayed as a servant or caregiver of the Pandavas who are descendants of Rishi Manumanasa. While the story of Ramayana, Semar is also shown as a servant or caregiver Sri Rama and Sugriva. Thus virtually Semar will always appear in every shadow puppet show, no matter what the title is being narrated. In this case Semar not only act as servants or followers, but also as a thrower humor to dilute the tense atmosphere.

In a further development, the degree of Semar is increasing again. Semar is told not just ordinary commoners, but an incarnation of Batara Ismaya, sister of Guru who is simultaneously a king of the gods. Indeed there are several versions about the origin of this Semar. But all basically said that this figure is an incarnation of the god. Semar also a headman who live in Karangdempel. Means barren coral. While near to mean constancy soul.

If we look, how much philosophy of Semar is very admirable. In Javanese philosophy, Semar called Badranaya. Derived from the word that means building bebadra means of basic and naya or nayaka which means messenger. That is the nature of building and executing assumed command of God for the sake of human welfare. In Javanologi, Semar means haseming vague. While literally, Semar means guiding the meaning of life.

Physically, Semar not male nor female. He androgynous male, but has breasts like a woman, which is a symbol of man and woman. Semar right hand upwards, meaning that as a person about to figure Semar said single symbol of the Almighty. Being his left hand to the back, meaning a total and absolute surrender and a symbol of a neutral science but sympathetic.

Semar hair “tuft” like children. Meaning to say that akuning the crest, which is as personable waiter. Semar as a waitress serving people selflessly amaliah to practice their religion in accordance with the commandments of God. When barjalan, Semar is always facing up. Its meaning is the way human children he gave exemplary embodiment to always look up or God the Merciful and Compassionate people.

Additionally Semar also always wore cloth Parangkusumorojo jarik motif, which is a manifestation Dewonggowantah or to lead people to memayuhayuning bawono, namely justice and righteousness in the earth.

Semar physical characteristics that others are very unique rounded body shape. It is a symbol of the earth or the universe, human beings dwelling and other creatures. Semar also appears always smiling, but her eyes were swollen. This symbol describes the ups and downs. His face looked old, but his hair berkuncung like a child. It is a symbol of the old and the young. He is an incarnation of the god, but to live as commoners. It is a symbol of superiors and subordinates.

For me Semar has many privileges. In addition to the physical characteristics, features another Semar is about status. Despite its status only as a servant, but keluhurannya paralleled by Prabu Krishna in the Mahabharata. According to the original version, the Pandavas in the war adviser Baratayuda is Krishna. But the puppet, advisory Pandavas into two namely Krishna and Semar.

Semar is often told that the weapon was a fart. It is said that this Semar fart can make dizzy the palace courtier who do not carry out their duties consistent with applicable regulations. In other words there is only palace officials who commit illegal actions detrimental to society.

As the incarnation of the god, known Semar also very wise and prudent. Can get along with anyone, either with the upper and lower classes. It also responds to changing times. However, if you find injustice and arbitrary action, it emphatically Semar will take preventive actions, persuasive and repressive. It could be said that Semar is willing to risk everything for the sake of the mandate he received from the Almighty.

When we look at Semar greeting every time start dialogue: “mbergegeg, ugeg-ugeg, Hmel-Hmel, sak dulito, lasting …” Which means silent, moving or trying to, eat, although slight, timeless. The point of the speech Semar roughly like this, rather than stationary (mbergegeg) better try to escape (ugeg-ugeg) and foraging (Hmel-Hmel) although the results slightly (sak ndulit) but it will feel immortal (imperishable). Is really a very deep moral message that we are always working hard to make a living, even if the result is just enough to eat, but the satisfaction gained because the attempt will be eternal.

Semar as if it had never known the word sad. When speech is always spontaneous, but it contains the truth. Each tells always entertaining so that people are sad to be happy. People who are hard to laugh. That figure of Semar is always tumakninah, guarding the truth and conscience of the Pandavas as a representation of the world of white.

Semar is a mixed picture of the little people as well as the god of heaven. So, if the government, which is symbolized as the warrior care Semar, listen to the small voice of the people who like the voice of God, then certainly he led the country will be a country of superior and tranquil.

Now let us consider the officials in our country. Are they really the people undertaking? Do they dare to risk everything for the truth? Ah, it looks like a scar is far from wishful thinking yes. Maybe the officials in our country is in need of time to learn from the figure of Semar yes. Because by understanding the philosophy and behavior of Java earlier Semar will definitely earned a lot of benefits to living in this world. And certainly if we can imitate all official figure of Semar, our country will undoubtedly become a prosperous country or in the Java language in the know “gemah ripah jinawi loh”. ,, Extracted from various sources in



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